Lithium-ion Battery Technology

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Class I Lithium-ion Battery Solution

Higher sustained lithium-ion power for the most extensive work shifts.

  • Solution for:
    Counterbalanced Forklifts 
  • Features:
    Integrated Heaters | Precision Cooling | Weight Adaptors 
  • Built for Safety:
    LiFePO4 | UL Listed | IP Rated
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Unlock Intelligent Fleet Management With Our Cloud-Based Telematics System SkyBMS


DTC Codes

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Lifting Handles

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Improved SOC Gauge

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Fast Charge On Demand

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Advanced Analytics

Transform your raw data into actionable insights for optimal fleet performance.
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Real-Time Data

Monitor key metrics such as charge levels, temperature, and usage patterns effortlessly in real time.
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Customizable Interface

Personalize your user-friendly dashboard to fit your fleet’s specific needs.
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Password Protected

Ensure that your personalized account is secure through password protection.
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UL Listed - UL 2580
Manufacturing Certified to
ISO 9001:2015
Remote & Onsite Product Support
OEM Approved
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Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Revolutionizing The Material Handling Industry

Lithium-ion technology is transforming the material handling industry. In our eBook you'll discover:

  • How lithium-Ion batteries have 3X longer life cycle
  • Why customers are seeing up to 50% more energy efficiency when compared to lead acid 
  • Why lithium-ion batteries are seeing 40% lower cost of ownership
  • The top reasons why the material handling is moving to lithium-ion

Download our free ebook to learn why so many companies in the material handling industry are making the switch to lithium-ion batteries.

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