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Energy Management Solution

Harness The Power Of Data-Driven Insights For Intelligent Fleet Management

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  Real-Time Fleet Monitoring:
Elevate your operations with instant, detailed insights. Dive into metrics like battery status and usage patterns to slash downtime and boost operational efficiency.

 Customizable Dashboard & Reporting:
Empower your strategy with our adaptable dashboards and reports. Tailor insights to your needs, unlocking a new level of precision in fleet management.

 Comprehensive Security & Connectivity:
Fortify your fleet with unparalleled data security and seamless connectivity. Keep your operations agile and informed, safeguarding your competitive edge.

  Remote Battery Diagnostics:
Transform maintenance with our remote battery diagnostics. Address and optimize battery performance from anywhere, ensuring continuous operational excellence.

Industry Proven Success

"Flux Power SkyBMS telematics is not just a tool; It’s a solution that empowers GSE fleet managers with real time insights, allows product support teams to streamline troubleshooting, facilitates remote updates, and enlightens end users about their fleet’s performance. It’s the beacon guiding fleets towards efficiency and reliability."


Andrew Carducci - Averest 
Engineering and Product Support Manager


How It Works

From data collection to secure cloud storage, unlock actionable insights for optimal fleet efficiency. Simplify and enhance your fleet management journey.

Step 1:

Data Collection

DATA COLLECTION (SkyBMS Landing Page - Process)

Data is captured and seamlessly transmitted to the telematics unit.


Step 2:

Secured Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage (SkyBMS Landing Page - Step 2) (1)

Data is securely stored in the password-protected cloud.

Step 3:

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights (SkyBMS Landing Page - Step 2)

Custom dashboard reveals key insights tailored to your fleet's needs.

Step 4:

Optimal Fleet Performance

Fleet Performance (SkyBMS Landing Page - Step 4)

Fleet efficiency directly increased through reduced maintenance and minimized downtime.

Maximize Your Fleet Efficiency

Proprietary Software

Developed and owned by Flux Power giving you a secure and customizable solution.

Cloud Access

Cloud based storage giving users access to their data wherever they are.

Seamless Connection

Seamlessly reach your data through Wi-Fi and/or cellular connection options.


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