Airport Ground Support Equipment

Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Ground support equipment is used to service aircraft between flights. GSE plays a critical role in maintaining on-time flight schedules.

Luggage Tugs - This equipment is used to pull trailers and baggage carts to and from the terminal and aircraft.

Pushback Tractors - Equipment used to position the aircraft around the gates.

Belt Loaders - An automated conveyor belt used to move baggage and cargo on and off planes.

GSE Paint 3

Luggage Tugs - GSE Pack

Pushback Tractor

Pushback Tractors - GSE Pack

Belt Loaders

Belt Loaders - GSE Pack

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“By the end of 2021, 55% of our ATL Delta Cargo facility will be powered by Flux Power lithium-ion Toyota forklifts. With these maintenance free batteries and Toyota's T360 support program, we have significantly reduced our operating costs and increased uptime.”

Rick Mitacek - GSE System Asset Manager

“Flux Power provides a quality product and has a great support team to ensure your field locations have support which is key in the transition from lead acid to lithium-ion.”

Cathy Ratchford - Senior Director of Transportation, North Division

“I like the onboard battery monitoring and charge cycle programming. This is one of the few lithium batteries that will let us use a standard opportunity charge charger.”

Steve Pesha - Plant Engineering Supervisor

“I think Flux has great customer service. The team really knows what they are doing when it comes to Lithium-ion.“

Kyle Rowe - Warehouse Manager

“We love the low-maintenance, it’s also nice not having to worry about the safety issues of lead-acid. It’s good to know Flux Power has done UL testing on the lithium packs, which gives us peace of mind. Overall, we love our LiFT Packs and won’t go back to the old lead-acid days.”

Mike C - Foreman

“Pallet jacks play a huge role in loading our delivery trucks, and the lithium-ion packs from Flux Power have been a gamechanger!”

Bob Hodge- Product Control Manager

“We like the minimal downtime. We like the extended life. We have drivers doing up to 3 truckloads, and previously, we’d have to send them a separate jack for the driver to be able to finish his day. Currently with the Flux Power batteries on board – the charge just goes forever and he can finish his shift on just one charge. That’s one of the main reasons we like Flux Power.”

Christian Sanchez - General Manager

“There is always a learning curve and hurdles to overcome when converting a forklift fleet from LP Gas to Electric. Our partnership with Flux Power has exceeded our expectations as they continue to monitor and educate the end-user and provide valuable feedback so management can fine-tune their operation to achieve the lowest cost per operating hour for the new fleet.”

Jeff Timmer - Manager

“I am very impressed with the performance of the Flux Power packs. Their team did a great job on the design. It's aesthetically pleasing and easy to use with a clear display of the battery charge. It's very robust and capable of outperforming our 510 A/hour lead-acid batteries."

Andrew Wayts - Equipment Maintenance

“Flux Power has brought solutions to our customers. They have been amazing to work with from the knowledge of their sales staff, and their prompt customer service. We have built a great partnership with Flux Power, and look forward to working with them much more! ”

Aaron Jarrett - General Manager

“These three batteries were packed for shipment very professionally, strapped down and edge protected better than I’ve become accustomed to. I am very excited about this product and want to continue opening my markets everywhere.”

David Rudolph

“Flux Power’s product performance, appearance, and overall customer support are what makes them an innovative top-tier supplier of lithium batteries to the marketplace.”

John L. Gelsimino - President

“Our business depends on being flexible to serve a wide variety of transportation and logistics needs for businesses nationwide. The company was experiencing frequent issues with battery failures and loss of power in their equipment. Flux’s LiFT pack provided us with a great opportunity to offer our customer a solution and enabled us to stand out from the competition.”

Sue Herron - Sales Manager

Flux Power Technology for Ground
Support Equipment

Change The Way You Power Your Equipment.

GSE Installation


We provide lithium-ion GSE Packs to a top-5 global airline. 

With our industry experience, we want to guide our customers with our knowledge in transitioning their fleet to the GSE packs that fit their needs.



Airports and airlines are under increasing pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

With that goal in mind, electrification of your fleet is a way to reduce direct emissions from ground support equipment.



Our GSE Packs are designed for longevity and durability to service aircraft throughout multiple flights.

With onboard heaters to help control temperature for cold weather applications, the GSE Packs can take your operations to the next level.

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Designed to Meet UL Listing Requirements
Manufacturing Certified to
ISO 9001:2015
Remote & Onsite Product Support
OEM Approved
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Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Revolutionizing The Airline Industry

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