Demo Battery Program

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How The Program Works

Flux Power’s demo battery program allows you to make sure these batteries are the right fit for your business needs by trying one of our lithium-ion batteries before you buy. 

Step 1

Complete a Demo Battery Request. A representative will contact you to discuss your specific application.

Step 2

The battery is shipped and Flux Power will provide support.

Step 3

Flux Power will complete  a performance analysis.

Step 4

If the results are satisfactory, you purchase the battery.  If not, simply return the battery to Flux Power.

Choose A Flux Power Battery To Meet Your Needs

Counterbalance Forklift

The X-Series battery pack is available in 36V, 48V, and 80V options.

3 Wheel Forklift

The L36 and L48 and is a 36V and 48V  lithium-ion battery pack designed for use in 3-wheel forklifts.

Narrow Aisle

The M36 is a 36V lithium-ion battery pack for use with narrow aisle forklifts.

End & Center Riders

The M24 is a 24V lithium-ion battery pack for Class III equipment such as end riders and center riders.

Walkie Pallet Jacks

The S8 and S24 are 24V lithium-ion batteries for walkie pallet jacks.

Ground Support Equipment

This 80V GSE Pack is designed to power many types of ground support equipment 

Learn Why Arctic Glacier Chose a Flux Power Demo Battery

Christian Sanchez talks about the challenges they faced and why how they got started with Flux Power.
“One of our biggest challenges, we always had batteries going out. And we always had to deal with downtime on our equipment. Also, because we’re constantly going in and out of hot and cold environments, some traditional batteries just wouldn’t work well in those conditions.”

How did you get started with Flux Power batteries?
“We got started after being approached by a Flux Power Sales Rep. We tried one out – and then just started adding more, then added them to our bigger equipment – and it’s been working out great.”

The Top 3 Reasons Why Industrial Companies Choose a Flux Power Demo Battery

Risk Minimization

Try Before You Buy!
The demo program gives you the best opportunity to try a Flux Power battery without making a financial commitment.

Your Environment

Test the battery’s performance in your own environment during normal shift hours and compare results to your existing battery.

Objective Evaluation

Receive a Flux Power performance analysis of your demo battery so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Flux Power Performance Equals Greater Productivity

Longer Run Times

Website- Run times-1

Experience runtime increases of 50% - 100% over similarly rated (amp-hour) lead acid batteries. In addition Flux Power batteries get an amazing 3000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, outlasting the competition in every way.

Higher Sustained Discharge Volatge

Website-Discharge Voltage


The flat discharge curve and high sustained voltage mean equipment runs faster and never gets sluggish. In addition, a 1-hour fast charge capability eliminates the need for battery swapping, increasing productivity.

Environmentally Friendly

Lithium-ion batteries contain no toxic lead or acid and don’t release explosive gases when charging. Flux Power’s batteries are more energy-efficient and reduce CO2 emissions.

Batteries Are Available For All Types Of Equipment. Request Information Today!

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