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Everyday businesses are saving money and boosting productivity by switching to lithium-ion power. Are you ready to make the switch?

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Request Your ROI Calculation

How It Works


Customized Approach

With years of experience designing and manufacturing lithium-ion batteries to power fleets across all industries, our team of experts will identify the best possible solution for your unique business needs. We will calculate your potential savings from switching to Flux Power’s lithium-ion battery packs compared to the costs of lead-acid batteries.


Sustainable Choice

Lithium-ion is leading the sustainability transition for many businesses worldwide—including yours. Flux Power supports your business as you grow, with the expertise, hard data, and credentials to back us up. Efficiency and scalability are the name of the game, and our batteries not only improve overall productivity, they will reduce overall cost of ownership in the long-run.


Maximize Performance

Switching to lithium-ion isn’t just sustainable - it’s a powerful business decision that fuels growth. Flux Power lithium-ion batteries have a longer cycle life, higher energy efficiency, and no maintenance costs - resulting in higher ROI. You can rest assured our experts have manufactured the highest-quality, safest lithium-ion batteries to help revolutionize your business.

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Ready to Make a Powerful Choice?

The future is powered by lithium-ion - and it couldn’t be easier to make the switch. Discover how your business will save money and maximize performance by ditching lead-acid batteries and switching to lithium-ion. 

Wherever you are on your journey towards building a more sustainable and energy efficient business, Flux Power will support you every step of the way.