Experience Higher Energy Efficiency and Lower Cost of Ownership With Lithium-ion

Learn how lithium-ion battery power stacks up against lead acid.

Get the facts on longer run-times, faster charging, and reduced maintenance of lithium-ion batteries in comparison to lead acid.


Lithium vs Lead Acid Supporting Visual

What You’ll Learn

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Safer Operations

Lithium-ion technology reduces the safety concerns that come with lead acid batteries. Eliminate the threat of acid spills, high charging temperatures, and explosive gas build-up. Plus, you’ll avoid water maintenance, too.


More Power, Longer

Lithium-ion delivers higher power for longer durations than lead acid. The slow discharge rate helps power your equipment, even when the charge level is low.


Energy Efficient

Lithium-ion power systems are the more sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice. Lithium-ion is 30% to 50% more energy efficient than lead acid, allowing your equipment to accomplish more with every charge.


Why Flux Power?

Flux Power has more than 11,000 lithium-ion battery packs powering equipment in the field. Plus, Flux Power’s Battery Management System is UL Listed. What’s more? Our extensive dealer, distributor, and equipment manufacturer relationships allow us to provide power solutions for material handling fleets.

What Our Customers Say About The Real-World Results
“We love the low-maintenance, it’s also nice not having to worry about the safety issues of lead acid. It’s good to know Flux Power has done UL testing on the lithium packs, which gives us peace of mind. Overall, we love our LiFT Packs and won’t go back to the old lead acid days.”
Mike C.
Foreman, Mondelez International