Flux Forward Today, Energize Tomorrow.


Our vision is to empower every partner and customer with advanced, sustainable technological solutions that not only meet today's needs but also pioneer new paths for tomorrow’s energy landscape.


Our mission is to drive continuous innovation and thought leadership that transforms every collaboration into a powerful opportunity for growth. Together, we are not just setting new standards—we are redefining them, propelling our partners and customers toward a future of energy that is not only sustainable but thriving.



We lead by example, inspiring and motivating our team to unite towards common goals. We are committed to ensuring our actions drive collective success and uphold the highest standards of integrity.


We are committed to continuous improvement and adapting to changing circumstances, ensuring that we always lead the way in advancing energy solutions and technology.


We embrace diversity in all its forms and foster an environment where our team, partners, and customers feel respected, valued, and supported.


We hold ourselves accountable for our future. We foster a culture of personal commitment and pride in our work. This ensures that we deliver excellence and reliability in everything we do when supporting our partners and customers.


We are committed to providing support and education helping everyone to reach their goals. Through our nurturing approach, we empower our partners and customers to thrive alongside us.

Beyond Batteries: Energy Solutions Transforming Tomorrow

Flux Power goes beyond merely manufacturing and selling technology; we forge personalized, one-on-one relationships with our partners and customers from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and empowering experience. As leaders in advanced energy solutions, we are dedicated to transforming industrial operations, with sustainable energy technology that are not only efficient and reliable but also tailored to meet the unique needs of each customers. Our commitment extends through every step of the journey, inspiring a more sustainable future together.



Our Story

As the world began shifting towards renewable energy, the demand for reliable and sustainable energy systems became evident. In 2011,  Flux Power was founded to address this need with advanced lithium-ion battery technology. Since then, Flux Power has revolutionized energy storage by providing innovative lithium-ion solutions that cater to various industries, including material handling, airport ground support, and stationary energy storage. Flux Power's cutting-edge energy systems are designed to optimize performance and reduce environmental impact. Today, Flux Power continues to lead the way in energy innovation, empowering businesses to operate more efficiently and sustainably.

Flux Power Team

Management Team

  • Ron Dutt
    Ron Dutt, Chief Executive Officer
    Leadership at DHL, Ford Motor Company, Visa, and Directed Electronics. Led companies from early stages to $1B in revenue.
  • Kevin Royal
    Kevin Royal, Chief Financial Officer
    20+ years driving financial strategy and profitability at companies such as Zovio Inc. and Maxwell Technologies, aligning finance with business growth.
  • Paulus Geantil
    Paulus Geantil, Chief Technology Officer
    Expert in embedded systems, electrical design, robotics, and system integration with patents across various technologies.
  • Jeff Mason
    Jeff Mason, VP of Operations
    Experienced manufacturing operations leader solving complex technological challenges within Aerospace, Electronics, Industrial and Medical Industries with Motorola, Sumitomo, and NEOTech.
  • Tod Kilgore
    Tod Kilgore, VP of Sales
    Led sales organizations at Samina Corporation, Accurate Solutions, Amistar Manufacturing, and Marshall Industries.
  • Jim Rooney
    Jim Rooney, VP of Engineering
    Experienced engineering leader specializing in cross-functional team development with a focus on technology innovation and product design quality.
  • Christina Copley
    Christina Copley, Director of Quality
  • Robert Beltran
    Robert Beltran, Director of Manufacturing
  • Gabe Rocha
    Gabe Rocha, Director of Financial Planning & Analytics
  • Ian Loyo
    Ian Loyo, Director of Information Technology
  • Mike Messervy-1
    Mike Messervy, Director of Accounting
  • Cyndi Mendrala
    Cyndi Mendrala, Sr. People Resources Manager

More Than A Decade of Energy Storage












  • Flux Power founded with a focus on designing and manufacturing battery packs for electric vehicles (EV)

  • Flux Power makes a strategic shift to focus on lithium-ion battery packs for the material handling equipment industry

  • Class 3 Walkie LiFT Pack (S-Series) introduced




  • Class 3 Walkie LiFT Pack (S-Series) receives UL approval
  • Only battery pack tested & approved by major OEMs: Toyota, Raymond, and Crown Equipment

  • Class 1 Counterbalanced Forklift LiFT Pack (X-Series) launched
  • Airport GSE shipped first two large orders
  • Class 2 Narrow Aisle Forklift LiFT Pack (M36) launched

  • Class 3 End Rider (M24) launched
  • Class 1 Counterbalanced Forklift LiFT Pack (X48) receives UL approval
  • Flux Power ships 4,000th battery pack


  • LiFT Pack L48 for 3 Wheel Forklifts launched
  • LiFT Pack S24 battery pack for Walkie Pallet Jacks launched
  • Flux Power hires 100th employee

  • Redesigned M24 battery pack for End Riders and Center Riders launched
  • Flux Power ships 10,000th battery pack to customer

  • 3-wheel battery pack with new voltage option 
  • New modular designed C48 battery pack 
  • New S24 high-capacity option availability

C48 Battery Pack-2
  • Launched the next generation G80 battery pack for GSE with a new modular design for easier maintenance

  • New M24 Onboard charger option available
  • 20,000+ packs in the field

Map of Packs in the Field

Flux Power in Numbers

CO2 Emission SavingsPacks in the FieldEmployee Number


Quality Policy

Our mission is to drive continuous innovation and thought leadership that transforms every collaboration into a powerful opportunity for growth. 

Our commitment is to elevate customer satisfaction by adhering to their needs, offering exceptional service, scaling operations efficiently, maintaining profitability, fostering a rewarding work environment, and pursuing relentless enhancement of our quality management system.

View our ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


Environmental, Social, Governance


At Flux Power, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint by developing and promoting sustainable lithium-ion technologies. Our innovative energy solutions are designed to minimize waste and maximize efficiency, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

We want to lead the advancement in low-carbon technologies and methodologies. Our approach excludes the use of harmful materials such as lead and volatile cobalt within our technology. We are adopting rigorous disposal practices where we will guarantee maximum recycling and safe handling of hazardous substances, ensuring they are repurposed to their greatest extent.


We believe that our employees are our greatest asset. Flux Power is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive work environment. We invest in the professional growth and development of our team, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Our commitment to customers goes beyond delivering high-quality products. We strive to provide exceptional service and support, ensuring that our solutions meet the highest standards of safety, reliability, and sustainability.


We are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued and respected. Our diversity drives innovation and enables us to better serve our customers.

We prioritizes open and constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, and communities. We believe that strong relationships and active engagement are key to our long-term success.


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