LiFT Pack X-Series

For: Counterbalanced Electric Forklifts
Longer battery run time

Run Time

Fast charging


Lower cost


Experience More Power On A Single Charge With Lithium-ion Technology

No water maintenance

No More Water Maintenance

Simplify your operations by no longer needing to manage watering schedules for your batteries. This is not only a huge time saver, but allows operators to focus on moving product rather than maintaining battery maintenance schedules.

Lithium-ion cells

Longer Lasting

The flat discharge curve and high sustained voltage mean forklifts run faster on each charge, without getting sluggish. The overall battery life lasts 2x than that of lead-acid alternatives, thus providing significant financial savings.

Modular blade design

Modular Blade Design

The LiFT Pack X-Series is a modular system utilizing up to four blades, each blade containing 7kWh of power. Up to four blades can be installed in the battery box, making customization and maintenance easy.


Fast Charge On Demand

All you need is one battery per truck, even with 2- or 3-shift operations! No more battery rooms. No ventilation needed while charging. Quick opportunity charge means your crew can simply plug in the equipment during breaks, then get back to work.


Flux LiFT Pack X36 Lithium-ion Battery


Specifications For Flux LiFT Pack X36 Battery


Base Length (in) (cm)

38.5 | 97.8


Base Width (in) (cm)

30 | 76.2

Base Height (in) (cm)

22.6 | 57.4

Available Capacities (Ah) (kwh)

600 | 800 - 21.6 | 28.8

600 | 28.8

400 | 32

System Voltage / Nominal Charge (V)

36/38.4 | 36

48/51.2 | 48

80 | 80

Max Charge Current (Internal) (Amps)




Max Charge Current (External) (Amps)




Operational Charge Temperature (F˚) (C˚)

32˚ - 131˚ | 0˚ - 55˚

32˚ - 131˚ | 0˚ - 55˚

32˚ - 131˚ | 0˚ - 55˚

Operational Discharge Temperature (F˚) (C˚)

-4˚ - 131˚ | -20˚ - 55˚

-4˚ - 131˚ | -20˚ - 55˚

-4˚ - 131˚ | -20˚ - 55˚

Charger Input (Vac)




Charger Output (Vdc)




Cable Length and Location (in) (cm)

21 | Top Right of Pack
53.3 | Top Right of Pack

21 | Top Right of Pack
53.3 | Top Right of Pack

21 | Top Right of Pack

Weight (lbs) (kg)

2400 - 3100 | 1088.6 - 1406.1

2400 to 3100

2400 to 3100





Lithium-ion batteries are the better alternative

Flux Power’s advanced lithium-ion battery and energy storage uniquely combine the benefits of lithium-ion with our patented Battery Management System (BMS). This maximizes performance and longevity to dramatically outperform and outlast traditional batteries and energy storage solutions, and at a much lower lifetime cost.
Outlasts white


  • 2000 cycles at 80% depth of charge
  • Up to 45% longer run time
  • Higher sustained power during every work shift
Out performs white


  • More power, more energy
  • Up to one hour fast charge
  • Environmentally Friendly - No acid spills, corrosion, sulfation or contamination
Lower cost white

Lower Cost

  • Up to 45% lower cost - Fewer replacements needed
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fewer batteries needed for multi-shift applications
  • Typically uses 50% less energy

Experience the Difference

Learn why customers choose to run their forklifts using lithium-ion from Flux Power.




Customers experience run time increases of up to 45% over similarly rated (amp-hour) lead-acid batteries. 

Flux Power LiFT Packs get an amazing 2000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, meaning these batteries outlast alternatives in every way. 


Environmentally Friendly

Lithium-ion batteries contain no toxic lead or acid and don't release explosive gases when charging. Say goodbye to noxious fumes with a clean system built for the modern working environment. 

Lower your energy costs. Testing has shown Flux LiFT Packs consume 30% less energy when moving 200 pallets weighing 2,500 pounds each, thus reducing your electric bill and conserving energy as well as reducing overall operations costs. 


Proven Expertise

Flux Power is an experienced leader in lithium-ion technology for industrial applications. We have over 10 year of commercial lithium-ion experience and 5 years of material handling expertise.  

We have delivered the first UL tested and approved battery packs for forklifts, thus ensuring the highest protection and safety standards for your environment.

We use the most stable and robust chemistry commercially available in our lithium-ion packs. 


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