February 6, 2023

4 Things Ground Handling Needs to Know About Ground Support Equipment

By Flux Power

All Ground Handling Equipment Is Not Created Equally

  • Luggage Tugs - pull trailers and baggage carts to and from the terminal and aircraft. 
  • Pushback Tractors - used to position the aircraft around the gates. 
  • Belt Loaders - automated conveyor belts used to move baggage and cargo on and off planes. 

While lead acid has been the long-standing front runner for powering your GSE fleet, the tide is starting to change to lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are becoming the more popular choice as the power source of many GSE fleet managers. That’s because they provide numerous benefits over the lead acid competition.

How Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Powering the GSE Revolution

Lithium-ion batteries are changing the way that the aviation industry approaches GSE. Here are four things every GSE fleet manager should know about how lithium-ion power can revolutionize and optimize your day-to-day operations.


1. Emissions Reduction

Lithium-ion batteries can help you reduce the overall emissions for your GSE fleet. IC GSE was one of the most predominant types of GSE for generations but they’re one of the largest contributors to overall airport emissions totals. Plus, fuel costs have driven profitability down due to an increased spend on overhead fuel costs. There’s been an increasing push for airports to reduce their emissions and improve sustainability. Converting your GSE fleet to electric can help reduce emissions and improve sustainability.

Key environmental advantages that lithium-ion has over lead acid:

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2. Easier Charging

Opportunity charging changes the game for GSE fleets. As fuel costs are increasing, airports and airlines are feeling the pinch to reduce costs wherever possible. But it doesn’t stop at fuel costs. Every delayed flight costs airports and airlines money. That’s why lithium-ion provides a unique solution to keeping your airport operations running smoothly and efficiently around the clock. Thanks to opportunity charging, GSE fleets are able to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of hectic airport needs. With lithium-ion, you can charge when it’s most convenient for your schedule. So, you can say goodbye to delays due to GSE.


3. Improved Operational Efficiencies

Lithium-ion is the driving force behind massively improved operational efficiencies at airports around the world. Converting to lithium-ion isn’t just about charging when it’s most convenient for your schedule. It’s about getting more runtime out of your batteries.

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Having to charge fewer means you won’t be waiting on your ground support equipment anymore. Instead, you’ll be one step ahead of the game. Plus, with lithium-ion, you'll get a far longer lifespan, which means you’ll have to replace them less often. Briefly compare/contrast lithium-ion average lifetime cycles vs. lead acid average lifetime cycles.


4. Better Weather & Temperature Resilience

Lithium-ion batteries offer superior weather and temperature resilience for GSE fleets. As extreme weather events increase in frequency, choosing a power type that can keep up with the weather is important. That’s where lithium-ion outperforms its competitors. Optional onboard heaters can be installed so that you can continue to get the most out of your GSE fleet, even during the coldest winter days. Plus, you won’t be spending extra money on additional energy for block heaters on IC GSE.


Take Your GSE Fleet to the Next Level with Industrial Lithium-Ion Batteries

IC and lead acid have long been the traditional power sources of choice for fleet managers, but things are quickly evolving as priorities shift. There are four main things that fleet managers should know about the growing GSE revolution:

  • Lithium-ion can help dramatically reduce/eliminate emissions
  • Lithium-ion can improve operations with opportunity charging
  • Lithium-ion offers a longer lifespan, which leads to the less overall cost over time
  • Lithium-ion offers superior temperature resistance with BMS monitoring and onboard heaters

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