LiFT Pack M36

For: Narrow Aisle Forklifts
Longer battery run time

Run Time

Fast charging


Lower cost


Simplify Operations and Improve Productivity With
Lithium-Ion Technology

No water maintenance

No More Water Maintenance

Your team will appreciate no longer having to manage watering schedules for your batteries. Your operators can focus on moving product rather than maintaining battery maintenance schedules.


Longer Lasting

Lithium has replaced lead-acid as the preferred technology in many situations due to its optimized performance and longer-lasting attributes. Lithium batteries help your narrow aisle lifts run faster on each charge, without getting sluggish. The overall life lasts 2x longer. 

Fast charging

Fast Charge On Demand

The Flux LiFT Pack makes it easy to fully recharge your equipment in as little as 1 hour, thus improving productivity and simplifying operations. Moving to lithium makes battery rooms obsolete and removes the need for more than one battery per truck. 

Lower cost

Lower Overall Costs

Lithium from Flux Power reduces costs in multiple ways, including  lower energy bills to run your equipment, battery packs that last 5 - 10 years instead of 1 - 3 years, improved productivity by not having to regularly swap batteries and more. 

LiFT Pack M36 Lithium-ion Battery

The LiFT Pack M36 is a 36V lithium-ion battery for use with narrow aisle forklifts.

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Lithium-ion batteries are the better alternative

Flux Power’s advanced lithium-ion battery and energy storage uniquely combine the benefits of lithium-ion with Flux Power's patented Battery Management System (BMS). This maximizes performance and longevity to dramatically outperform and outlast traditional batteries and energy storage solutions, and at a much lower lifetime cost.
Outlasts white


  • 2000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge
  • Up to 40% longer run time
  • Higher sustained power during every work shift
Out performs white


  • More power, more energy
  • Up to one hour fast charge
  • Environmentally Friendly - No acid spills, corrosion, sulfation or contamination 
Lower cost white

Lower Cost

  • Up to 45% lower cost - Fewer replacements needed
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Fewer batteries needed for multi-shift applications
  • Typically uses 50% less energy

Experience the Difference

See how Flux Power technology powers modern warehouse operations.


Capacity & Cycle Life

One of the most important benefits of Flux Power’s choice of lithium is the dramatic increase in energy density over current lead-acid battery solutions.  Flux Power uses Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) which has a specific energy of ~110 watt-hours per kilogram, compared to lead-acids ~40 watt-hours per kilogram.  What does this mean?  Our batteries can be ~1/3 the weight for similar amp-hour ratings.




Speed & Efficiency

Flux Power lithium batteries are fast. They can be fast charged completely and can handle ultra-fast charging up to 1C (a full charge in 1 hour). Lead-acid can only be fast-charged up to 80% after which charging current drops dramatically. 

In addition, Flux Power batteries maintain excellent performance under discharge rates as high as 3C continuous (full discharge in 1/3 an hour) or 5C pulsed. Lead-acid experiences dramatic voltage sag and capacity reduction by comparison. In fact, the discharge profile of a Flux Power lithium battery shows how voltage and power remain almost constant throughout its discharge, unlike lead-acid. This means that even when the battery runs low, performance stays high.


Do you need to charge your batteries on the go?

Our batteries perform better when charged during breaks in the day.  Running Flux Power lithium-ion batteries using ‘opportunity charging’ can actually increase cycle lifetime and decrease the battery size required for a job, saving you money.

Our batteries exhibit no ‘memory effect’  associated with opportunity charging, so discharge and charge the battery at any point without consequence. With lead-acid, failure to fully charge leads to sulfation which damages the batteries. This also occurs when storing lead-acid while not fully charged. With Flux Power lithium-ion, store the battery at any state of charge except near zero.

Finally, Flux Power lithium is ~95% energy efficient, compared to the ~80% efficiency for lead-acid batteries. 


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