June 30, 2020

Why You Should Try A Lithium-ion Demo Battery

By Justin Forbes

A lot of companies are weighing their options on whether lead acid or lithium-ion batteries are the best option for their current and future needs. 

Companies that currently use lead acid batteries to power their material handling equipment have likely dedicated staff and charging rooms for the use of lead acid batteries for years. Because this has become a standard part of their operations, it can make switching to another battery type feel like a massive change.

It makes sense that these companies would want to feel confident in their decision to switch to lithium-ion batteries. Flux Power understands this. 

That’s why we offer the opportunity to try out a lithium-ion battery so you can determine whether this advanced technology is right for your company.

Here are some of the reasons why testing a demo battery is a great way for you to evaluate your options.


Your Risk Is Minimized


Risk Minimized compressedPurchasing a battery for your forklift is a significant investment. For many, it may feel like a risk, especially if you’re considering changing battery types.

Flux Power takes the risk out of purchasing a lithium-ion battery through its Demo Battery Program, allowing companies that utilize material handling equipment to try a battery before they buy it. 

Demo battery programs are not widely offered in the battery manufacturing industry. However, at Flux Power, we believe in providing you with the best opportunity to try a Flux Power battery so you can minimize the risk of your purchase. This way, you can determine whether a lithium-ion battery is the best choice to meet your company’s long-term goals.


You Test The Battery In Your Environment


Every workplace environment differs in how and when forklifts and other types of material handling equipment are operated. Testing a demo battery during your normal shift hours and production levels allows you to see if a lithium-ion battery is a better alternative than your current option. 

Features you will be able to compare firsthand based on your particular environment include:

  • Average run time of a battery before it requires charging
  • Discharge voltage levels during use and how they impact how well a battery operates throughout the day
  • How quickly a lithium-ion battery charges and is ready to go back into service
  • Maintenance requirements and how they impact workload


The Demo Process Is Hassle-Free


Easy button compressedTaking advantage of Flux Power’s Demo Battery Program is easy from start to finish and requires four simple steps:

Step 1

Complete a Demo Battery Request. A Flux Power representative will contact you to discuss your specific application. 

Step 2

The battery is shipped and Flux Power will provide support throughout your evaluation process.

Step 3

Flux Power will complete a performance analysis. This analysis will provide you with data that shows how the battery performed specific to your application.

Step 4

If the results are satisfactory, you can purchase the battery. If not, return the battery to Flux Power. 

You Get To Make An Informed Purchase Decision


In addition to witnessing how a demo battery functions in your environment first-hand, Flux Power will provide you with a performance analysis of your demo battery.

This objective evaluation provides performance analytics, or information about how well your demo battery performed while you were using it.

Coupled with your first-hand experience, you can make an informed purchase decision.

Multiple Types Of Demo Batteries Are Available 


At Flux Power, we know the types of material handling equipment you use may not be limited to one type of forklift. That’s why we offer an array of lithium-ion batteries built for powering a variety of equipment.

Demo batteries offered in our program include:

  • Electric Forklift: Our LiFT Pack X-Series battery is available in 36V, 48V and 80V options.
  • 3 Wheel Forklift: Our LiFT Pack L48 is a 48V lithium-ion battery designed for use in 3 wheel forklifts.
  • Narrow Aisle Forklift: Our LiFT Pack M36 is a 36V lithium-ion battery for use with narrow aisle forklifts.
  • End/Center Riders & Walkie Stackers: The LiFT Pack M24 is a 24V lithium-ion battery pack for Class III equipment such as end riders, center riders and walkie stackers.
  • Walkie Pallet Jacks: The LiFT Pack S8 and S24 are 24V lithium-ion batteries for walkie pallet jacks.

If your company is looking for battery technology that outlasts, outperforms and costs less over time, trying one of the LiFT Packs above offers an opportunity to see firsthand how lithium-ion batteries can increase efficiency in your operations … risk free. 


Demo Battery Program

Justin Forbes

Justin Forbes

Justin Forbes is the Director of Business Development at Flux Power. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC San Diego, and earned his MBA from Duke University. He is responsible for developing marketing and customer acquisition initiatives, along with creating new business growth strategies to increase sales.