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September 12, 2017

Lithium-ion is Making an Impact in the Material Handling Industry

By Andrew Lerma

A few years ago, many warehouse operators, logistics professionals and procurement offices were scarcely aware that forklifts could be powered by anything other than the traditional lead-acid batteries pervasive in material handling facilities. As the leading pioneer in lithium-ion technologies for the material handling market, California-based Flux Power has engaged in countless discussions and interviews helping to educate the market on the benefits of lithium-ion over lead acid to power forklifts. Today, as 2017 is winding down...the word is (mostly) out.

Operations are transforming with the adoption of lithium-ion battery packs to power electric forklifts. 

Benefits of Lithitum-Ion in Material Handling

Not having to water batteries is a huge plus.  Being able to plug in the lithium-ion packs whenever you want for as long or short as you want (opportunity charge) is another big convenience. No need to have a separate battery charging room saves space. Being able to run your lifts for longer periods of time without losing power, and the overall longevity of the battery itself are all just some of the many reasons that companies are switching from lead-acid in favor of lithium-ion.

The benefits are so compelling, there is a natural viral effect as operators see how much better it is to run on lithium-ion.

Customers Spread the Word of Lithium-Ion for Walkies and Forklifts

Here’s just one of many examples, Flux Power recently received an order for several high powered lithium-ion walkie battery packs from a Connecticut-based produce and dairy company.  The company heard about the benefits of using Flux LiFT Packs from their sister company, a meat processing plant also located in the beautiful “nutmeg” state of Connecticut. 


We continue to see this type of sprawl as warehouses readily welcome the new Li-ion technology to power their fleets. Drop in compatibility means no conversion kits needed. And UL Listed status means trusted safety expected.  

lithium-ion forklift battery for narrow aisle forklift

Andrew Lerma

Andrew Lerma

Andrew Lerma is a R&D Scientist at Flux Power. He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a bachelors degree in physics. During his academic career he focused on Electronics, Computational Physics and Astrophysics.