March 8, 2024

Celebrating the Women of Flux Power

By Flux Power

As we celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day, Flux Power is excited to spotlight some of the many incredible women who are central to our achievements and innovation. This celebration is more than just an acknowledgment; it's a reflection of how integral these women, and many others are to our journey of success and innovation. So, without further ado, we proudly introduce Cyndi Mendrala, our Resource Manager, Lucia Salcido, our Product Manager, and Marilyn Torres, our Production Planner.


Meet Flux Power's Resource Manager - Cyndi Mendrala

Favorite Flux Power Battery Solution: "I love them all and the fact that they are environmentally friendly."

Cyndi, with her passion for helping others, has been an integral part of developing our Flux Power family. Her dedication to maintaining a fun, safe, and efficient work environment ensures everyone on the team feels valued and empowered. When asked why she chose a career in Human Resources, she replied “It’s simple, I love helping people. My mission is to positively impact, inspire, and guide people to achieve their goals and be the best that they can be.” She attributes this passion for people to her mom, who she says is the woman in her life who inspires her the most, and who taught her what it means to be kind and empathetic.

Outside of work, Cyndi says she finds joy in walking, solving puzzles, and cherishing moments as a grandmother. When asked what advice she would give to other professional women in the workplace, she replied “Every good conversation, starts with good listening. Communication is so important, especially in your career, as good listening fosters stronger teamwork, encourages creative exchanges, and helps in smoothing over potential conflicts.”

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Meet Flux Power's Product Manager - Lucia Salcido

Favorite Flux Power Battery Solution: “My top pick is the GSE3! Not only does it power many GSE applications such as baggage carts and aircraft tugs, but it’s also playing a major role in ensuring airport operations are truly environmentally friendly while ensuring efficiency and reliability.”

Lucia, who is driven by her passion for innovation and her love for technology, has been pivotal in propelling our battery solutions to new heights. When asked why she chose to pursue engineering, she replied: “Because it blends creativity with problem-solving. The fact that I can contribute to exciting new technologies and improve people’s lives makes the work I do very gratifying.” The person Lucia chose as one of her inspirations is Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to ever run a marathon during a time when only male participants were allowed to race. Despite multiple attempts to stop her from finishing, Kathrine finished the race successfully. Lucia adds how Kathrine’s determination and refusal to give up is still so empowering to this day.

When she’s not working, Lucia said that she loves attending concerts and maintaining an active lifestyle, going on to say: “There’s just something about live music and being surrounded by individuals who share a passion for it. They provide me with a sense of community and excitement!” When asked about any advice she would like to share with other professional women in the workplace, she said: “Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to speak up. Your talents and perspective are valuable. Support other women, celebrate successes, and empower people to reach their full potential."

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Meet Flux Power's Production Planner - Marilyn Torres

Favorite Flux Power Battery Solution: “My favorite Flux Power battery would have to be the GSE; I love the name! The GSE battery is one of our most innovative and diverse packs. It can be used for all different kinds of ground support equipment such as tractors, belt loaders, and tugs which are crucial for airport sustainability.”

Marilyn, who masterfully orchestrates Flux Power's production planning processes, has been crucial in enhancing our productivity and keeping our operations and manufacturing activities organized and running seamlessly. When asked why she chose a career in Supply Chain/Manufacturing, she responded with: “I have chosen to pursue a career in Supply Chain/Manufacturing because I have grown to love the process and the outcome of our hard work.” Marilyn says that the women who inspire her are the courageous women who joined the armed forces and worked in the US aircraft industry during World War ll. The determination those women showed, while acting immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor to help the Allied forces succeed during a monumental time in history, is truly amazing.”

Outside of work, Marilyn says that she loves spending quality time with her family, as well as going on trips and catching up with old friends. When asked if she had any advice for other professional women in the workforce, she said: “The manufacturing industry is typically a male dominant environment which can seem intimidating at times, especially if you’re just starting. A piece of advice that I’d give to other women would be not to let that intimidation stop you from performing your best. Be confident in yourself and your team and you will do exceedingly well.”

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In Conclusion

People like Cyndi, Lucia, Marilyn, and many other amazing members of our Flux Power team play such a pivotal role in driving our organization toward further innovation and solidifying our role as the leader of lithium-ion battery technology. Their dedication not only propels our company's objectives forward, but also sets a precedent for an inclusive, safe, and truly amazing company culture. This collaborative environment underlines our commitment to excellence, while demonstrating how every member's contribution is vital to shaping a more efficient and environmentally responsible future.

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